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August 24 - Postmodernism (Calvino)

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Calvino, Cosmicomics:Calvino-Cosmicomics.pdf


Read the following short stories for class: "The Distance of the Moon" (pp. 1-9), "All at One Point" (pp. 20-23), "Without Colors" (pp. 23-28), and "The Spiral" (66-72).



Prepare your thoughts on following questions:

*What might the title of this work, Cosmicomics, mean?

*What is your reaction to each of the stories? What did you find to be surprising?




Evening Assignment:


Final Assignment - "Free Write"
It has been 10 days since you arrived at Stanford's Summer Workshop in The Great Ideas, and a lot has transpired. Please spend some time reflecting on your experiences in the program.

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